While traveling with Locationatt, the traveler is required to comply with the following:

  1. Travelers should pay the deposit stated in the trip program in order to confirm their reservations.
  2. The traveler should pay all the trip fees on the dates specified in the program.
  3. Travelers are responsible for checking the validity of their passport, as it should be valid for at least 6 months from the date of travel, as Locationatt is not responsible for the validity of any traveler's passport.
  4. The traveler must obtain a travel visa for the country he is visiting as Locationatt cannot be held responsible if you do not have a visa or if the country rejects your visa; this cannot be the basis for a refund.
  5. Locationatt is not responsible for missed connections, cancellations, or changes in flight schedules caused by airlines. Any amendment to the routing or travel plan will be re-quoted by Locationatt.
  6. There is a commitment to the itinerary of the trip, and to the fixed locations. Travelers can suggest places they'd like to see on our itinerary, but Locationatt isn't obligated to include them. After checking with Locationatt, the traveler can organize a private trip to the requested locations at the traveler's expense.
  7. Locationatt and Tour guides can change their daily schedule for the benefit of the group.
  8. Expenses other than those listed in the section (including program) are not included in the travel plan.
  9. The traveler agrees to provide emergency contact for Locationatt in emergency and medical situations.Locationatt is not responsible in case of emergency.
  10. The traveler is responsible for the care of his/her personal belongings at all times, Locationatt is not responsible for loss or damage of the traveler's belongings.
  11. Each traveler takes responsibility at all times for his/ her acts and actions.Locationatt will give certain instructions, please follow them for your safety.
  12. The traveler is requested to comply with the tour and flight timing during the trip as Locationatt will not be held responsible If the traveler is late.
  13. The traveler is requested to read the travel guide provided by Locationatt and adhere to the itinerary.
  14. Travelers agree to abide by the rules and atmosphere at the accommodations or each place they visit.
  15. The traveler agrees that Locationatt is the point of contact for any special requests, related or not related to the tour.
  16. It is urged that travelers ask permission before taking photos or videos of other travelers or in a group.
  17. Distribution of trip details (information, photo, and videos) with other competitors is strongly prohibited.
  18. Locationatt owns the right to remove any traveler from the trip without compensation of what he/she has paid in case of the following:
  1. Where visitors violate the customs and traditions or laws of the State, or any conduct involving a breach of honor or trust.
  2.  If a traveler violates the basic guidelines or instructions or directions of Locationatt.
  3. If a traveler violates discipline in activities or disrupts the safe and smooth conduct of a trip by violent or threatening behavior towards Locationatt or another traveler or others.