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  • Age: above 16 years
  • Setup will start 30 minutes before the selected game time.
  • Photo session will be for 30 minutes after the game.
  • Only one booking can be accepted at a time.
  • You cannot play themes "Friends" & "Gmashah" at the same time.

1: Theme "Friends":

Bring your friends and family and help your favorite characters from the iconic tv show "Friends".

Please note: If there are more than 7 players for theme friends;
  1. Duration is 3 and half hours.
  2. The players will be divided into 2 groups.
  3. Each group will play the game separately.
  4. The group that finishes first, will win the challenge.

2- Theme Gmashah:

The first experience of Escape Room Team in a "Kuwaiti style" which combines the characters of "past and present time" in a combination of puzzles.

How it works "Theme Gmashah":

  1. After booking, The Escape Team will come to your home with all props, puzzles, and clues.
  2. Setup time is 30 minutes and your space will turn into an escape room.
  3. You and your team will enjoy solving the puzzles for 1 hour.
  4. The backdrop is for 30 minutes after the game photo session.
  5. After your game, the Escape team will pack props and puzzles and leave hoping you had an amazing experience.


  • Advanced reservation is required.
  • Can not be merged with any running promotion/offer.
  • Coupons will be sent via e-mail.


1- Do I need to watch the shows to solve the puzzles?
You don’t need to know the show to solve the puzzles. Everything you need to solve the game will be provided in the game props.

2- Is it for kids to play?
This game is not suitable for kids. The minimum age should be 16.

3- Should I remove my furniture/or empty the space for the game?
No, you should not. The Escape team needs a fully furnished room to be able to hide the game props.

4- Can I use my phone during the game?
Phones are not allowed during the game. No pictures or video recordings can be taken of any of the game props.

5- Can I rent the game?
The escape team doesn’t rent the puzzles. this is a whole experience with the time.

6- Do you have female staff?
The game masters are 1 male and 1 female. The female staff is not available at the moment.

7- Can you do an outdoor setting?
These games are not suitable for outdoor settings.

8- Do you require electricity?
Yes, a nearby electrical plug is required for game setup.

9- Do you go to the chalet?
Yes, only on weekends at extra cost.

10- Can I add more players?
Yes, more players can be added at an extra cost.

11- Can someone watch the game if they are not players?
No, only players can be in the game room.

12- We are not sure about the time, is that okay?
No, All the players have to be available at the selected game time.


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The first at-home escape room experience for enriching your gatherings and celebrations.

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