What’s Locationatt:

Locationatt is an online marketplace that provides local & International experiential products in the travel, recreational, and wellness industry for its target market. We currently aim to deliver products to our customer base that fall under the following categories:

1: Adventures & Activities          2: Relaxation & Getaways          3: Workshops & classes

Value Proposition:
Outlining And Marketing Local Activities And Adventures: Expose local events and activities within our target customer’s own countries.

  • Accessibility and Ease of Use
  • Quality Service
  • Trust
  • Customization

Marketing Strategy:

  • Word of Mouth: Quality customer experience on our platform will help spread the word about us.
  • Digital Marketing: Extensive marketing campaign on social media and other platforms will be launched in the high season.
  • Influencer Marketing: We will Invite bloggers and influencers to take on one of our trips/experiences, which will later be documented for content marketing.

Target Market:
Our main target will be the GCC & Mena regions (i.e., GCC countries: Kuwait KSA, Oman, etc.)

Competitive Advantage - USPs:

  • Unique Selling Points of Locationatt
  • Understanding the Culture
  • Educating Target Audience About New Experiences
  • First “Experience Provider” In The Region
  • Personalization and Variety
  • Technological Ability

Service Providers Onboard:
We currently signed 42 local providers in Kuwait. More than 120+ International service providers (between the middle east and Turkey, southeast Asia and Europe) and we are continually signing new service providers and expanding operations on our marketplace locally and internationally.

Added Value For Service Providers:

  • Expanding Your Client Base
  • Eliminate The “Headache“
  • Digital Marketing

About The Parent Company:
Locationatt online Marketplace is part of Alisco United Group, which is a holding company founded in 2005, that consists of multiple subsidiaries such as

  1. Alisco United Medical and Cosmetics Co.
  2. Alisco United Interior Design
  3. Engineering Support Group (ESG) for Electromechanical engineering

Our latest venture into eCommerce with Locationatt marketplace will introduce a new way of transacting digitally in the wellness recreational and experiential industry.