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Information about us

The website “” is a website that provides “Adventurous and Travel Experiences and Services” through our partners and tourism companies, who subscribe to the website, to offer experiences and touristic trips and travel, marketing, selling their products or services to Locationatt users.

Locationatt also allows users to search, compare and book online and facilitates the payment service through Locationatt as well as also provides all terms and conditions related to Experiences and tourism.


 Your use of the Website

Your use of Locationatt which is owned and operated by the First Party is a clear affirmation of your comprehension and acceptance of the terms and conditions of use, which are mentioned below.

You acknowledge that the services provided in Locationatt are intended for personal use and cannot be used for commercial purposes. Also agree that the legal relationship arising from the benefit of services provided by subscribers, whether they are travel and tourism companies, experience providers, or travel providers through Locationatt is applicable to the terms and additional conditions clarified and stated in their agreements.

Once you submit the application, you have clearly acknowledged entering into a legally binding agreement with the subscriber as well as the resulting rights, legal implications, commitments, and terms and conditions of this Agreement.

You accept that you explicitly agree to sign the User Agreement without restriction or conditions (which is a legally binding agreement) by clicking on (OK/Agree/Accept). You acknowledge and agree to relinquish any laws or regulations in any jurisdiction requiring an original 'non-electronic signature to be in force within that jurisdiction.


Your Service/Trip Contract:

Where the following terms and definitions are stated in this Agreement, they are meant to have the appropriate meaning, unless the agreement clearly indicates otherwise, or is required by the text or phrase formulation.


First Party: Locationatt Company.

Second Party: User/ Customer: You, as a User and a member of Locationatt.

Agreed on: this User Agreement, which may be modified, updated, and/ or revised from time to time.

Date Of Commencement: It is the day on which the terms of this Agreement come into effect, by clicking on the (I Agree) button.

Website: The website, through which the experiences and tourism services are provided by experienced providers, travel and tourism companies, providers/coordinators of individual/group to users through Locationatt.

User Account: The account and password you generate with the confirmation of the user agreement through the website Locationatt

Bank Details: Indicates Visa, Master Card, or ATM cards issued by Kuwaiti, Foreign-owned banks in the state of Kuwait with the user whose name is specified on a valid card and the person authorized by the bank for that card.

Order Details: The user confirms his interest in the service provided by Locationatt and a separate inquiry must be submitted for each service the user wants to obtain will be checked by the service provider who agrees to provide the service that the user requested.

Payment for your service: Any payment made by the user for the services offered by Locationatt through the electronic payment gateway via the Internet. All transactions starting from the effective date are governed by the terms and conditions of this Agreement.


 Your account and password

You must be at least 21 years old and provide accurate personal information (including your name, last name, and email address) as required during the creation and legal process of your account, and you must obtain your custodian's consent if you are less than 21 years of age, and your parent is directly supervised when using the site.

Your guardians are obliged to read and agree to this Agreement before using the website and we have the right to carry out further inspections to confirm your age.

If we cannot verify that you are over the age of 21, and have not been provided with evidence of the consent of your guardian, we will close and cancel your account at our sole discretion and without any liability to us.

Upon confirmation of the user agreement, you become “User”, and you will choose a “username” and a “password” specified by you. The username can only be used by the member alone, and it is not possible to create a username that is similar to the one used by another member.

The password can be modified at any time through the user and the user is required to secure the password for any use of the username or password without the least obligation on the part of the first party.

The unauthorized or unlawful purposes may be performed on this website.

The account can only be used when the "log in" username and password are entered on the site, and the password must always be kept completely secure and not disclosed to any third party, including any affiliate of a First Party.

You also agree to be liable for any activities and requests that occur or are submitted through your account, and in the case that a third party uses your account, you must inform the First Party immediately.



Locationatt provides Adventurous and Travel Experiences and Services that the user wishes to take, and the costs of these services are paid directly to the First Party, and the value of these services is regarded as an obtained right of the First Party, and the User is not entitled to claim them under any circumstances and for any reason.

While login to our site, you will be able to view all offers and advertisements offered by participating service providers, and when you choose a service or offer you want to purchase and submit the application. We will respond to notify you of the acceptance or rejection of the request within a maximum of 24 hours of submitting the request. As a result, you are not entitled to complain, claim, object or demand compensation or expenses. Once the request is received by you, we "Locationatt" serves as an intermediary between you and the service provider and upon acceptance of your request by the service provider. We will send you an e-mail and the following correspondence and then pay the payments and complete the execution of the transaction. We will provide you with all the offer’s contents, relevant details, and documents after confirmation with a service provider – if available then send them to you on time.


If you wish to amend your request before, after, or during the acceptance of your request or the execution of the transaction, this must be done through Locationatt, according to the terms and conditions related to the service. Whether by addition or cancellation, specific to each request separately, you are solely responsible for any legal consequences of violating this. Absence to attend on the dates indicated by the service or trip provider is regarded as a clear acknowledgment by you of the cancellation of your request and it shall have all legislative effects relating to the cancelation of the transaction after its execution.



You have the right to cancel the service request according to the terms and conditions set by the service provider for each service. The First Party and/or the service provider hold the right to refuse your request in case it includes the wrong information. The consideration of whether the information is credible or not is at the discretion of the First Party (Locationatt) and/or the service provider. The service provider reserves the right to cancel the request after you have received the acceptance and confirmation e-mail or after or before the completion of the transaction for an unknown reason, and we will inform you immediately of any cancellation. As a consequence, you are not permitted to complain or to refer to the First Party for remuneration. This is your explicit confirmation of your acceptance of this, assuming that all amounts paid by you are refunded.

In case any incident that prevents the practice/fulfillment/ submission of the service or trip, or conditions appear that compromise the safety of the User, the service provider, or his associated individuals in the event who are performing, continuing, completing the trip will be aborted or ended and returned prematurely; as specified in this case, refund is subject to the terms and conditions of the service or trip provided by the service or travel providers, and the service and trip providers facilitate refunding most of the amount according to ending the trip, time of canceling before the specified date and what has been completed from it, and you must read the terms and conditions of the service or trip provided in relation to such circumstances. In any circumstances, the First Party is excluded from any responsibility that may arise as a result.

Your cancellation of the request after receiving the acceptance and confirmation e-mail or before or after the completion of the transaction for any reason is subject to the terms and conditions of the service or trip provided by the service or trip provider regarding the cancellation of the request/transaction, and the First Party is not responsible for any dispute that may arise from the terms and conditions of cancellation of the request/transaction.



The user is entitled to recover the full amount paid by his bank card if the transaction or order is canceled. This amount will be refunded through bank transfer to the User's bank account. The User is knowledgeable that the procedure of refunding the amount to his account through the bank card's payment gateway takes 5-6 working days, and that if there is any delay in crediting the amount to the User's account, the User must contact the bank directly. The User will be notified by email, which will include an attachment containing a copy of the refund notice. This will serve as a reference in case the User wishes to review with the bank.

The User explicitly accepts and agrees that if he cancels the request after receiving the acceptance and confirmation letter or after or before the transaction is executed for any reason after the specified time, he will not be entitled to any refunds, unless the terms and conditions of the offer or the service provided by the trip provider allow for refunding the amount or any part of it, and in all cases, he will be liable to the trip provider.


Jurisdiction and applicable law

In any dispute or conflict that occurs between the First Party and the USER with respect to its understanding or implementation, both parties shall address the matter by peaceful measures and recourse to the courts shall be permissible if friendly efforts to resolve the dispute fail then Kuwait's judicial jurisdiction shall be governed by any dispute and the law of Kuwait shall be applied.

In the lack of any of the terms of this Agreement by a Final Judgment, this does not affect the legality or viability of the rest of the terms of the Agreement and does not constitute the First Party's waiver of any of the powers, rights, or compensation provided for under such terms.

This Agreement is written in Arabic and English language, and in case of any conflict of meaning or content between the Arabic and English text, the Arabic text shall dominate.



The address mentioned by the User in his account is regarded as a lawful residence related to all legal actions under this Agreement. Any and all legal ramifications directed by the First Party to User at this address are accurate and constructive.